Thursday, April 12

ours, all ours. our very own.

the new place

the new place

the new place

the new place

the new place


the new place

the new place

a 6 salamander day

the new place

the new place

the new place

the new place

the new place

We are so, so happy!

xo brooke



Sandy at Discovery Cloth said...


Mama Smith said...

It looks really charming; the arched door, wood floors, wood beams... all beautiful. How excited you must be!

tinyparticlesoflight said...

It already looks so cozy and charming!! So exciting - congratulations!

jojo said...

goodness!! you picked well, my friend! congrats a million times over!

langsam leben said...

How exiting! And what a lovely place to build a nest. I can already see your little one running through those woods :)

Somer said...

i love...

the doorknob. the patterns on the wood floor. donovan entering into narnia. (the good narnia, that is.) the ?salamander? with the leaf, and what looks like a 2nd salamander clamoring from between your fingers. (maybe it's just grit) i'm also very very happy for you, and can't wait to get to know it.

Queen of Carrot Flowers said...

such a beautiful space, no wonder you are happy!

Fiona said...


Celeste said...

Ooooohhhhhh!!! Brooke, it looks simply amazing! I can totally get a sense of how loving, and wonderful your new home feels.Congratulations to you, Tim...your fur babies, and little baby Banjo. I'm sure you will all be happy there.xo

Anita said...

So, so happy for you! Yay!

Brit said...

fantastic. :) i love that rounded doorway and those floors. congrats you three!

MJ said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!!!!

Brooke said...

thanks, everyone!!!!

xo brooke

Brooke Biette said...

love love love this post :)

Laney Butler said...

Congrats!! So happy excited for you! Looks like a house to grow old in. Love it!